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Online marketing. Table d’hote or a la carte?

Given the holistic nature of online marketing, where every element from your web site to social media to blogs to emails to newsletters pulls together, we strongly recommend appointing TDD-Web to handle your entire online business. This way, the whole can be even greater than the sum of the parts, maximising the value of any investment you make with us. We have the strategic and tactical skills in-house to bring you a total, seamless, turnkey service, first to build your website and then to drive the traffic you need to it.

For various reasons, however, you may not be in a position to commit in this way. No matter. We can develop a website only, which could either be fully managed by ourselves or using a Content Management System where you update your own content.

The same goes for any online marketing tool.

One of the most recent developments in online marketing is to test products or possible niche market opportunities with a ‘micro site’. This way you can dip your toe in the water without having to commit serious budget. You can also simply commission a dedicated landing page, maybe to use in conjunction with a specific online promotion.

What we do…

Web content and copywriting

You may have heard the phrase ‘content is king.’ Well, you better believe it! These days it’s more important than ever to provide fresh, original, well-written content, in significant volumes. Essentially, it performs two functions:

  • To let Google and other search engines know that you’re serious about providing the information their customers are looking for. It does this via SEO/keywords plus originality, quality and quantity.
  • To gives them the user experience they want, once those customers have been directed to your site, and render them more favourable towards your products and services.

In truth, creating and updating web content is a job for professionals. TDD-Web can provide the talented and experienced copywriters you need, whatever your sector.

Web design

Web design works hand in hand with copywriting, to create a site that’s effective, stylish, user-friendly and an impressive online flagship for your brand. Again, SEO is a key important factor. And again, web design is a highly skilled job.

TDD-Web designers have extensive experience and expertise in all sectors and for all sizes of client. We  can create exactly the site your organisation needs to move forward online.

Web hosting

Our web hosting service will get you online and then keep you up and running. From finding the right, SEO-friendly domain name to ongoing maintenance and upgrades, we cover all the bases.


The best website in the world is little use if customers can’t find it. Essentially, SEO or search engine optimisation exists to gain the attention of the all important search engines, and drive traffic to your site. Using keywords, meta tags, inbound links, coding and other techniques, TDD-Web can optimise your site for Google and the other major search engines, ensuring that your site is in prime position on the virtual high street, not a back street!


PPC or pay per click can be a highly effective way to gain a high search ranking and generate traffic for your website. It can be particularly effective if your site is new, or you’re running a specific promotion. We can handle your entire PPC campaign, including choosing the right keywords, online advertising and landing page.

Email marketing

Email can be a highly cost-effective and effective online marketing tool. It enables you to target niche markets, select the right messages and track the results. However, success needs the right combination of copywriting and database skills. Enter TDD-web.

Existing site makeover

You’ve already got a website? No matter! TDD can still help you. We can give your site a makeover, improving user-friendliness and effectiveness. We can also review your online marketing as a whole, and analyse how it’s working in relation to your overall marketing goals.


To talk in detail about the many ways TDD-Web can launch a new and cost-effective online marketing campaign for YOUR company, contact us today!

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I hope you find this website to be a good introduction to TDD-Web. Web development and marketing is a rapidly expanding and changing field where we like to stay at the cutting edge. If you’d like to discuss an area that’s of particular concern to you – or if you’d like a general chat about where you’d like to be in the future – don’t hesitate to give me a call. – Alan Brown, Director, TDD-Web