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Online is a different world. It needs a different skill set – and mindset

Online marketing has transformed the way companies do business. In fact, today, a website is de rigeur. To have no online presence is to have no invite to the world’s biggest marketing party.

What’s more, for SMEs the Internet presents a unique opportunity to compete with the big boys on a much more level playing field.

With the right site, you can appear every inch as professional and even as well-resourced as a multi-national. If in doubt, just consider the names Google, Amazon and Facebook. All were humble start-ups not so long ago.

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To be effective online, however, takes a special set of skills and experiences. Not to mention a different attitude. What works offline often bombs online. Why? Essentially, the Internet began as an information medium, and these roots still colour its nature today. Online marketers who offer solid, original information or content are generally the ones that fare better. Too much hard sell is a no-no. People want to find out stuff for themselves, rather than have one biased opinion rammed down their throats. And remember, it could not be easier for them to move on if they don’t like what they see.

At TDD-Web we understand these fundamentals better than most. By default, online marketing is now an essential part of our strategic approach. What’s more, we also support our strategic marketing knowhow with the essential specialist web design, copywriting and SEO skills. With these tools in our armoury we can create websites that can enhance your brand values and appeal to customers and search engines alike.

SEO – nailing an ever-moving target

In online marketing, SEO – search engine optimisation – can be particularly thorny issue. For example, you may have heard about the importance of keywords, of filling your website copy with the words and phrases that people are putting in search boxes.

Our advice now is – don’t overdo it! Google, still by far the most important search engine with a 90% market share, is a highly sophisticated animal. It’s locked into battle with those who would span and cheat their customers, using illegal ‘black hat’ tactics to get to the top of search results.

And, being this sophisticated animal, Google is winning the war. Stuffing pages with keywords, still worse lifting content from other sites, will result in your website being blocked, and we don’t need to spell out what this means.

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Quite rightly, the search engines want to deliver the best service possible to their customers, and this means finding the sites that offer the most relevant, original and even weighty content.

Google’s pulse, TDD-Web’s finger

Essentially, Google’s game is constantly evolving, and at TDD-Web we keep abreast of every development.

Our emphasis is now on a more strategic, holistic approach, developing sites with the solid and valid content that search robots and surfers both want, whether in websites, blogs or any other online activity.

To achieve our objectives, we deploy the full online marketer’s toolkit, which means not only SEO and website development but also PPC, social media, email marketing, blogs, online advertising and more.

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To talk in detail about the many ways TDD-Web can launch a new and cost-effective online marketing campaign for YOUR company, contact us today!

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TDD-Web are unique in the way we combine our online marketing services. Not only do we include search engine optimisation as an all-important part of the mix. The websites, e-mails and newsletters we produce are also designed to make ‘usability’ a major part of the online experience. Together, these are key to online marketing success. – Alan Brown, Director, TDD-Web