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How to Use Brand Photography

Using photography to tell the story of your brand is a great idea, for many different reasons. In the modern marketing world, using images to capture your brand in action could be the difference between you and your competitors. Read on to find out more.

It’s a well-worn cliché that every picture tells a story. Like many clichés, however, there’s more than a grain of truth in it. In today’s marketing world, there’s a lot of emphasis on telling a story about your brand that’s of interest to would-be customers. So, the issue then becomes ‘How to use pictures to tell your brand story.’ After all, there’s more to marketing communications than text and technology!

Here are some starters for ten:

Take a photo of your brand in action, and post it on Facebook. If you’re a facility for the public, say a restaurant or hotel, put a customer in shot too. They love it! And so do their friends! While if you manufacture a product for the public, photograph them using one. Or else ask them to take one themselves. And try putting them on Facebook – posts with pictures generate 53% more likes, on average. More likes mean more engagement, more newsfeeds, more readers – and ultimately more customers!

Ask for their photos. Go one better. People love to show off what they’ve been doing so ask them for pics of stuff that’s relevant to your product, no matter how obliquely. For example, if you’re a car dealer ask them for a shot of their first prized jalopy. And don’t get hung up on picture quality. Everybody knows these are amateur photographs; in fact that’s what they expect to see. Sites like Facebook are that sort of media.

Shorten your messages with an infographic. Condense some of your web content to be studied at a glance. Try embedding video while you’re at it. These methods suit today’s somewhat abbreviated attention spans.

Take them behind the scenes. Treat them to a sort of business version of a reality TV show, warts and all. People love this stuff, and it makes you appear so much more, well, human! Perfect for social media, too.

Use Pinterest to engage your prospects. Let them show you what they’re interested in through dream boards. Great involvement.

Target more tightly. Don’t forget to tailor the content to the segment. Don’t sell will kits to teenagers, or guides to higher education to sixty something’s!

Clearly, with developments like social media and today’s instant, want it yesterday world, branding has a lot of changing to do. In many ways the old top down stuff is giving way to something altogether more grassroots. Pictures and photographs fit neatly into this mould, so don’t leave them out.

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