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Spicing Up Your Email Campaigns

Have you ever wondered how you improve your email campaigns and turn those open rates into sales opportunities? Take a look at these 7 tips and suggestions for improving your email marketing, and you’ll soon find yourself in email heaven!

Once upon a time it seemed the answer to a direct marketer’s prayers. Target your audiences, segment your database, spread your messages, raise awareness and convert prospects – all for peanuts compared to direct mail, with its postage and production costs. Sadly, since those halcyon days email’s stock has fallen somewhat.

While a well-executed campaign can still do the business, the crowds clamouring to get into the typical inbox mean that the chances are you’ll be drowned out by all the background noise.

However, do not despair! Here are some tricks the email marketer can keep up their sleeve to boost those opening and conversion rates.

  • Run A/B testing. As easy as ABC (sort of!) All you do is create two sets of subject lines, play them off against each other and see which works best. Do it with body text as well if you wish. Your ESP – email service provider – can provide the technology, which is simple enough. Don’t be too timid with those subject lines either – try straightforward, humorous and even wacky. Even if it flops, at least you’ll know what doesn’t work.
  • Try trigger messaging. Once someone has gone to the time and trouble to download from your website, or even made a purchase, don’t just leave them to it. Send them a message – they’ll be pleased that you showed such an interest, and be more likely to order next time.
  • Select good customers as VIPs. The mail order companies have used this one for years. People like to be flattered, and this does it. Rewards their loyalty, too – especially if they’re paying subscribers. You could also make them a special offer. Not for everybody, mind, but just for the favoured few.
  • Shake up your newsletters. Like a new broom, a new look can work wonders. Revamp the layout of your newsletters every now and again to keep things fresh.
  • Give something away. We all like something for nothing. An e-book or free consultation can be an effective ice-breaker.
  • Go local. Localisation can be the new personalisation. Instead of just tripping out your name, wouldn’t you pay attention if your local restaurant emailed you with their daily specials?
  • Add video. Adding a video to emails is flavour of the month in some quarters. Everybody has the technology now, so go for it. This is the You Tube age, after all.

That’s it for now, though there are plenty more where these came from.

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