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Cheap, cheerful – and highly effective. What’s not to like about promotion?

Over the years, there have been many models about how marketing communications work. There have also been astonishing changes in the technology that marketers use. However, through all this turbulence and transformation, one very traditional model carries sailing on regardless. And that’s AIDA, or more specifically:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

And notice the first line – Attention. Without attracting attention, the rest does not matter. People will just move on. Which is why promotion has such an important place in the marketing mix. In a nutshell, people notice 3-D ‘things’. They can catch the eye and give your organisation an instant presence. And if they’re of the right quality, they’ll even have retention value, and serve as a reminder of your brand, its personality and values.

Promotions are also an ideal way to make an instant impact at an exhibition, conference or trade show, support ad and direct mail campaigns, launch new products and complement in-store merchandising.

Above all, promotional goods are cost-effective. They can cost relative peanuts, yet offer a wonderful Return on Investment, paying for themselves over and again. They may not always be

the most cutting edge or sophisticated of marketing techniques, but there are times when that’s irrelevant.

As ever, TDD-Promo look at the bigger picture. Your promotions will be part of an integrated, marketing-led approach that delivers short-term results and enhances your overall brand. They can also support your other initiatives, from direct mail to merchandising and exhibitions.

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We’ve found that the business principles we apply at TDD-Promotions are in line with the expectations of our clients. This is no accident of course. We started this business with many years’ experience under our belts so we hit the ground running when it came to knowing what our customers wanted. – Alan Brown, Director, TDD-Promotions