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There are few more immediate – or cost-effective – marketing tools than customised promotions. From clothing to Christmas cards, they can be relied on to do the business whenever it comes down to maximising your marketing ROI.

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From short-term impact to long term brand-building, the effectiveness of promo can’t be over-estimated. And at TDD-Promo, we can deliver innovative promotions that will complement your brand values, meet your marketing objectives and resonate with your customers.

Our 200 page catalogue features a panoramic range of gifts, ideal for mailing, exhibitions, trade shows, sales conferences and many more applications. In fact, wherever your brand interfaces with customers, let TDD-Promo products be there with you to generate interest and add value.

Often, the publicity value is worth the investment on its own.

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This website provides you with an introduction to the products and services available from TDD-Promo. To discuss your own business needs in more detail, don’t hesitate to contact us today:

Tel: Liverpool – 0151 659 1109, Manchester – 0161 207 1007, London – 0207 118 1978


I hope you find this website to be a good introduction to TDD-Promotions. In the mad dash to be seen as serious and sophisticated, companies often overlook the value that relatively inexpensive gifts and giveaways can create in the minds of customers. Let’s face it: we all like something for nothing. When the promotional items you’re giving away continue to remind new and potential customers of your company in a subtle, low-key way – you know you’re in tune with modern marketing thinking! – Alan Brown, Director, TDD-Promo