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Print. Because the world is still physical

In today’s electronic world, print remains vitally important. The main difference is that it now takes its place alongside a plethora of media.

As the media picture grows ever more fragmented, it becomes even more crucial to see the bigger picture. Specifically, where your printed material fits within that picture. Like other elements, it no longer works in isolation.

With a strong marketing background to complement our design capabilities, TDD-Print are ideally placed here. Essentially, we see our clients’ print as part of their broader marketing strategy. Under the marketing umbrella, print has its own specific objectives and goals, which need considerable technical print buying and management skills to realise. Our multi-disciplinary teams, including both marketing and print specialists, work hand in hand to meet these goals, and resolve issues before they become problems.

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Of course, in the real world print is also about cost-effectiveness. You can rely on TDD-Print to supply top quality print at highly competitive prices, whether it’s direct mail, sales literature, exhibitions, corporate ID or any other material.

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In fact, even if you have had the job designed elsewhere we can still give you the benefit of our advice and experience. Ask us for an appraisal of your total print needs, and how your current practices can be improved.

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We’ve found that the business principles we apply at TDD-Print are in line with the expectations of our clients. This is no accident of course. We started this business with many years’ experience under our belts so we hit the ground running when it came to knowing what our customers wanted. – Alan Brown, Director, TDD-Print