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Business Cards – Quality differences explained

A card is just a card? This might come as a shock but not all business cards cards are the same. All business cards are created equal, but some are more equal than others! Find out more about what makes a good business card and how you can avoid the common mistakes people make when printing them.

Some people spend a lot of time getting their card right, or just right for them, others don’t. Some people get truck loads of cards printed and throw them all over town, others don’t. Some want just the cheapest option no matter what, others don’t. Some will design the cards themselves – just to save the cost, others don’t. Some people say they don’t need design – it is only text, others don’t. Some people don’t care what weight of paper they are printed on, others do.

Be one of the ones that care and get the card that is right for you. The right quality, the right design, the right cost.

premium business cards

 Designing Your Business Cards

It should almost go without saying but design is important. With no design at all you just have a blank card. A little design can go a long way, if you want it simple, clever, complicated, colour, black, one sided, two sided, 4 page or 6 it is all worth thinking about. Just tell us what you are trying to do and we will get the job done.

Printing Your Business Cards

There is no point having a great design that is let down by poor quality print. Not all print is the same. These days business cards are often printed digitally, but this does not offer the same quality or choice as full Litho print. We can do both but deliver full litho print at a really competitive cost. The best quality at the best price really is the only option. Not all litho print is the same, you can see the difference with the naked eye but maybe you aren’t sure why the card that looked great on a computer screen doesn’t have the same impact after print. This is poor quality print, we do High Definition print, more dots per inch, better shaped dots, the best quality screens and the best quality machines. All in all the cards just look better. If you really want to see the difference look through a magnifying glass. It is just better you might not know why but I can tell you.

premium business cards from the design division

The Card

As standard we litho print on 400gsm card. If you have ever wondered why some cards feels a bit flimsy that is because they are a bit flimsy, maybe printed on 250gsm or 300gsm card. Flimsy cards just don’t make the right impression.

The Finishing

If you have ever wondered why a card just feels better it is probably matt lamination. The first step on a premium card – get it matt laminated for a great luxury feel. Could also be printed both sides, embossed UV, drilled or folded to give a 4 page or 6 page card. It doesn’t have to be confusing just let me know what you are trying to do and we can give you some good options.

Our Premium Business Card

Our standard business cards really do set the industry standard, but if you want to go even further our Premium Business Cards will give you a real edge. The first thing you will notice is how they feel, they are much heavier and thicker, printed and matt laminated both sides. At 600 micron (0.6mm) you (and everyone else) will see the difference. They are supplied in luxury bespoke packaging with plastic card holders and a silver card case. They are of course printed on the best machines available giving outstanding quality. When it comes to business cards, what can I say – These are the business.


There is no more being let down with late deliveries. We get the job printed on time no matter what, no need for excuses. As standard we offer a 3 day turnaround and deliver throughout the UK. If they need to go direct to another office or even to a home address, no problem just let us know and we will deliver.

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For more information about our business cards or any of the other design work we do, call us on 0845 230 4810.