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Company Brochures – Make the right impression?

From day one we have created books or brochures for our customers. It is often the first step when a business wants to make a real impression or to be seen as a ‘proper/professional/successful/growing/mature business. Our knowledge, experience and print capabilities in this area can give any business a real advantage.

Booklets, brochures, catalogues or books. Call them what you want, they have one thing in common, multiple pages printed and bound together. And whether they are 8 pages or 108, A6 size or A4 they can create an overall impression of your business or organization.

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The Design

Of course it should go without saying but design is important. With no design all you have is blank pages. If you are going to print all those pages and even more so if you want quite a few copies the least you can do for your business is make sure it looks the best it can. Don’t waste money paying for print if the design is not up to standard.

Print Quality

There is no point having a great design that is let down by poor quality print. Not all print is the same. Different printers have different standards and capabilities, specifications that may sound similar can be very different in practice. You should consider the difference between Stochastic (FM) and Conventional screening (AM). If the quality of the print is important and you really want to be sure that your finished job will look as good as it can you should consider the capabilities of the printer and the machines the job will be printed on.

Wire bound booklet

The Right Machine for the Job

Not all printers are able to utilize the best machines for the job. By choosing the right machine you can have a massive impact on the cost and the quality of the job. If you have a lot of pages in your brochure a small machine will take many more hours to print the job. Whilst the running costs might be lower, the overall cost of printing will be high. Equally if the quantity you require is relatively small the setup costs on the largest machines can increase your total costs unnecessarily. Make sure you pick the machine that’s right for you.

Avoid Mistakes

I have seen just about every mistake made by others, poor quality print, the wrong weight paper for the job, trimming that isn’t straight, poor colour alignment, poor quality images, spelling mistakes even wrong phone numbers. These mistakes can be expensive on any print on brochures even more so. Make sure you avoid these mistakes. Get some advice from people that have done this type of job before.

The Weight of Paper

This is not just about saving money you need the right weight of paper to do the right job. A heavier stock and help give a premium feel but if it’s too heavy it can create the wrong impression. Particularly for large volume print runs a lighter stock can educe the print cost and also the postage cost so you need to consider the implications for the job from start to finish. On some occasions a heavier cover and lighter inner pages are perfect, other times a medium weight paper used for the cover and inner pages can give you the best results. As always there are plenty of options that should be considered, as long as you ask the right questions and get some good advice.

Mini Brochure

The Finishing

If you have ever wondered why a brochure cover just feels better it is probably matt lamination. This is often the first step on a premium brochure – get it matt laminated for a great luxury feel. For another step up try embossed UV, drilled or folded to give a 4 page or 6 page card. We know the options can be confusing, but we can talk you through the best finish for your brochure.


There is nothing worse than being let down with late deliveries. We get the job printed on time no matter what, no need for excuses. As standard we offer a 4-day turnaround and deliver throughout the UK.

For more information about our brochures or any of the other design work we do, call us on 0845 230 4810.