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Design. It’s why people buy

Ever wondered why people buy things? Products, services, and even the companies that provide them? OK, there are a few factors involved, but near the top of most lists is likely to be design.

In other words, people buy stuff because it appeals to them visually. They may not even realise it themselves, but it’s a fact of life. Indeed, it’s one the basic tenets of marketing, proven again and again across industries, market sectors and eras.

As well as all the psychological motivators that we don’t have space to go into here, there’s a cold logic to it. Especially online, at the start of a relationship it’s often the only thing buyers have to go on, in much the way that we tend to judge people on their face because we have no other information. And if the first impression isn’t a positive one, there may not be a second.

Design is one of the basic tools available to marketers to ensure they get the desired response. In the right hands, it works in tandem with other tools and techniques to create a comprehensive business solution which scores highly for both form and function.

Here are just some of the creative design services we can offer you:

Design for Advertising

Great for branding, awareness, lead generation and conversion alike, ads will always be with us. They’re the ideal vehicle for so many marketing journeys.

TDD-Design can create and execute a total advertising campaign for you. From creative concepts born out of sound marketing strategy, to cost-effective media choices to stretch your budget further.

Always memorable, always persuasive, always relevant, always effective – and always measurable.


Design for Print

Brochures and booklets, catalogues and flyers – at TDD-Design, we do everything printwise. What’s more, we combine massive experience of the medium with rare design flair and originality.

Enhancing your brand, introducing your products and persuading your customers are the tasks we set ourselves. As with all our services, maybe even more so, with print we appreciate the importance of producing top quality work, delivered on time, to budget – and at a competitive price.


Design for Exhibitions

Exhibitions remain a key element in the marketing communications mix, but it’s imperative that you create the right impression with your prospects. In this environment, you can be sure that if you don’t your competitors will.

Your stand needs to simultaneously catch the eye, impress visitors, inform customers and reflect your brand values. It’s a big ask. It takes designers with sound experience, certainly. But more, it requires professionals with a thorough appreciation of how such an essentially 3-D structure works in real life.

TDD-Design have such people. We’ve proved it for years. What’s more, our skills are just as relevant to creating store fronts and signage.


Design for Brands

Nothing is more important to you than your brand identity. It’s the visual embodiment of your values, and goes to the very soul of who and what you are as an organisation. At TDD-Design, we never lose sight of these considerations for a minute.

We appreciate how a corporate ID must work equally effectively across every media, and support all your products and services. We also factor into our thinking the place you’re in right now.

For example, if your brand is already established, we can take a fresh look. We can evaluate, update and rationalise what may have evolved over the years into a confusion of styles and images.

Similarly, if you’re just starting out we can give our creativity full rein, and establish a compelling and uniform image across everything from logos to van liveries.

Sefton 3 Spread

Design for Online

The Internet is different. So instant, so specific, so 21st century. Give your visitors the experience they want, or expect them not be visitors for very long.

Yet creating effective websites, e-newsletters and email campaigns takes a highly specific skill set. Whether you want to encourage a direct response or simply foster a positive attitude, designers, programmers and copywriters must all work together to deliver a site that performs.

The evidence says that TTD have got it right. To see for yourself, check out some of our online work. And, as well as websites, we can produce highly effective newsletters, emails, interactive CD-ROMs and PDFs.


Design for Photography

New technologies may come and go, but photography remains at the core of marketing communications. Top quality photography is the classic pathway to high class design. It’s like chefs cooking – with the best ingredients they’re more than halfway to the best results.

At TDD-Design, we know how to use imagery for maximum effect in any number of ways. Rare among design agencies, we also have our own state-of-the-art photographic resources in-house – plus the technical skills and creativity to use them to maximum effect. It means we have total control of every stage of the photographic and design process, and translate it into output that’s frequently stunning and always relevant.


Design for Direct Mail

One colour can prove twice as popular another. A different font can result in thousands more readers. Changing formats can transform sales charts.

Nowhere is the importance of design more evident than in direct mail. The use of imagery, colour and other elements is often pivotal to a campaign’s success. The devil is in the detail, which means it’s vital that designers know the triggers that provoke the required responses.

TDD-Design have decades of experience in direct mail. Indeed, few agencies are as familiar with the intricacies of format, letter layout and envelope design.

We invite you to put us to the test. And we’re happy to let the figures do the talking.


To find out more about the services of TDD-Design contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.

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I know that the quality of the trade adverts I have had designed and the supporting sales literature gives us a real edge in the industry. – Russell Cooper, Brand Manager, Euro Floor (an established market leader in the UK flooring industry)