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Design for marketing

Why design? Because it makes people buy, that’s why. No other reason.

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True, good design makes ads and brochures look better, and shows a brand off in its best light. But good design takes skill, commitment, talent, passion, understanding. Why go to those lengths?

Because good design helps products sell. It helps companies and organisations achieve their marketing objectives. In other words, it delivers results.

At The Design Division, every design we ever create has this key objective in mind. And to achieve it, we embed our work with originality, flair, experience, resources and marketing expertise. All tied up in a cost-effective, transparent and flexible package.

Which goes for all types of design – ads, print, exhibitions, branding, corporate ID online, photography, direct mail. Which applies whether you want a one off project or an ongoing relationship. Whether you’re in a B2B or B2C market. Or you’re a multinational or an SME.

Design for marketing from The Design Division. It works.

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I hope that you find our website useful in giving you a flavour of how we work and outlining the full range of creative design services we offer. Have a good look around the site. If there’s anything we can help you with regarding a pressing design project or bringing a fresh look to your company’s image – don’t hesitate to contact me! – Alan Brown, Director, TDD-Design